Shine in the love of God’s grace, every day.

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

We are a body of Christ called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to expand God’s kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit. Bet’el Afaan Oromo Evangelical Church (BAOEC) is committed to deliver biblical based ministry that inspires believers to serve God, teaches children to grow in God’s way, and empowers women to be agents of change in their faith and social life activities. We kindly invite you to join us to share God’s grace with us. You will never be the same in the presence of God.May God bless you all.

Our Vision

Transformed Believers in Christ to Transform Generation


Amantoota Kiristosiin Jijjiiramanii Dhalloota Jijjiiran

Our mission:

To empower believers to be disciple of Christ, mobilizing them to spread the gospel to non-believers to fulfill the great commission and to support needy people.


Amantooleen duka bu’otaa Kiristosi akka ta’nif qophesu, namota hin fayinef wongelaa akka rabisanif akasumas erga guddaa fi kakkasu fi gargassan cinna dhabachuu.

  1. Making believers disciple of Jesus Christ
  2. Expanding the kingdom of God in different part of the world
  3. Raising a generation that takes responsibility to reach un-reached
  4. people by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Supporting different partners according to God’s blessing


Biblical based Teachings
When we look at the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, He spent most of his time with His disciples in teaching to change them. Therefore, as Bet’el Afaan Oromo Evangelical Church we value biblical based teaching to transform our congregation so that believers become disciples of Jesus Christ. To achieve these goals, we offer a series of teaching sessions on Sunday and group bible studies on weekdays.

Evangelism /outreach ministry
BAOEC has passion for lost people, therefore by using different methods to spread the gospel to reach our community so that they may get saved through hearing God’s word.

Missions/ Cross cultural ministry
BAOEC has commitment to involve in mission work to expand God’s kingdom and to serve God in different cultural setting and supporting churches that involve in mission task.

Working with partnership
BAOEC is an evangelical church diligently work to expand God’s kingdom. The church is willing to work with other churches that are identical with doctrinal bases, values and vision.


Love forGod, 




Passion for mission